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About jessegeerts

My name is Jesse (aka. jessegeerts/UltimateCake33/jesseke55/Headhunterz_), 18 years old. I am also known as the owner of the Dutch Harry Potter Minecraft server "DreamWorldMC", founder of Jesse ICT (My Dutch IT and hosting company) and as a System Administrator.
I am specialized in VMWare workstation/ESXi, Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS. I own a Dell PowerEdge R230 which I use for hosting my Harry Potter server and many more projects. The server is placed in SmartDC/I3D Rotterdam. I'm a IT student but I'm far more knowledged then some people would think about me for the IT :P.

Want a chat? Contact me on discord: /home/Jesse ツ#5885
Or use my business number for whatsapp: +31655762162

About Jesse ICT

I started Jesse ICT on April 25th, 2018 because there was nearly nowhere a reliable and cheap IT service since the most company's (Like "student aan huis") they charge you a monthly or a yearly fee which I don't. I'm more transparent than any other IT services company, which makes my IT company so unique.

Jesse ICT is also offering very soon several hosting services, more info will be whenever I can make it public.

I'm also very proud to tell that DreamWorldMC a part is of my IT company which helps me to strive even better things and push the hardest idea's that I can ever imagine into my company and into DreamWorldMC.

About DreamWorldMC

I started working on DreamWorldMC at 10 July 2017 and left a few months after the server became very successful, about 1 year and 2 months later I took the server over since the old owner wasn't able to manage his time for private things and the server.

I am working a lot of time on the developement and improving the server and pushing it into the server!

It's for me very impressive how the team handles me and how they want to work with me. They're truly amazing!